Best Service Company agency # 11090

All warranty calls must be pre-screened through Mode Distributing 303-934-2317 (Jack)

Marvel appliances have a 1 year parts and labor (plus a 2nd thru 5th “part only” warranty for sealed system.

Drain pump is only covered under warranty if unit was purchased with the drain pump installed. You can tell if a unit came with the drain pump by model # ending with a “P”. If model does not end with a “P”, cust will have to provide POP that pump was purchased from marvel.

To read manufacture date: 1st eight numbers are the manuf date

​Example: 200811104462 = Manuf 11/10/2008
90 days part warranty on COD parts

2 exceptions:
drain pumps have 1 year part warr
Northland modules 1 year P&L

Contact Numbers

Tech Line

Parts Dept
1-800-223-3900 *4 (to order parts with part #)

Mode Distributing (appl distrib)
fax 303-634-3956

Customers who want to purchase parts and repair themselves can call
1-800-242-4660 (Marcone) for Marvel parts,
1-800-223-3900 for Northland & Aga parts

New Marvel website
password: Best1295

Marvel Parts Lookup & service manuals 
password: best1295