Best Service Company agency # 11090

All warranty calls must be pre-screened through Mode Distributing 303-934-2317 (Jack)

Marvel appliances have a 1 year parts and labor (plus a 2nd thru 5th “part only” warranty for sealed system.

AGA – we only work on refrigeration, cooking is supported by Viking, refer cust back to AGA or Viking

Drain pump is only covered under warranty if unit was purchased with the drain pump installed. You can tell if a unit came with the drain pump by model # ending with a “P”. If model does not end with a “P”, cust will have to provide POP that pump was purchased from marvel.

To read manufacture date: 1st eight numbers are the manuf date

​Example: 200811104462 = Manuf 11/10/2008
90 days part warranty on COD parts

2 exceptions:
drain pumps have 1 year part warr
Northland modules 1 year P&L

Contact Numbers

Tech Line

Parts Dept
1-800-223-3900 *4 (to order parts with part #)

Mode Distributing (appl distrib)
fax 303-634-3956

Customers who want to purchase parts and repair themselves can call
1-800-242-4660 (Marcone) for Marvel parts,
1-800-223-3900 for Northland & Aga parts

New Marvel website
password: Best1295

Marvel Parts Lookup & service manuals 
password: best1295