Assurant Group

Assurant Group is a third party service contract provider for many different brands of appliances. They sell their contracts through manufacturers and appliance dealers.  We honor only the contracts that are sold by Whirlpool for Whirlpool family brands.

​For additional authorization or general contract questions: 1-800-446-6229.
If model and serial provided on dispatch do not match the appliance tag, have cust call AG and determine solution before we repair the appliance.  The contract is not valid if there is a mismatch of model or serial.
Tech must call if cost of repair exceeds $350.00.  To determine cost, create estimate reflecting our cost on the part, plus our flat labor rate of $125.35 for a standard call ($276 for sealed system)(2nd appliance same house $100.28).  There is no sales tax charged on this contract.   Call from the home and if ok’d an additional auth# will be given.  Please put the auth# in the PVR or on a sticky note.

(For built-in refers: request a double sealed system labor rate for repairs that require one component, and a triple sealed system labor rate for repairs that require two components… a drier would not qualify as a second component)

Examples of additional authorizations:
ES69257PL        the P reflects parts, the L reflects labor
ES70122PL2.0    (the L2 reflects a double labor auth)

If a double labor rate is applicable, tech must call to get the double labor rate even if estimate does not exceed $350.00, and before work is completed.  We can get double labor for pulling an oven from the wall, for unstacking a dryer to work on the washer (by advising a 2nd man is needed).  If tech does not get auth and estimate is denied after repair performed, the excess amount will be deducted from the labor.

A poor installation which will cause additional work and time is at the expense of the customer. Example, a refer on a platform.  A washer in a drain pan and can’t do the repair without removing it from the drain pan., etc.

Effective 1/1/2016 Whirlpool will no longer be selling contracts through Assurant Group.  The new provider will be AIG.  However all the old contracts sold before 1/1/2016 will still be valid and we will continue to honor those contracts until they all expire.