Bosch Family

Thermador, Siemens, Gaggenau
servicer # 05650

The best way (and quickest) to check warranty is to call 1-800-929-9808 with model #

Bosch Quick Warranty Breakdown

Thermador Quick Warranty Breakdown

If an appliance is returned to a dealer and resold, the warranty starts over with the new customer, but it is for functional problems only… no cosmetic warranty.

To read manufacture date: 1st two “numbers” + 20 = year, next two numbers= month

Example1 = FD791010222 = year= 1999, month = 10 (October) result = Oct 1999

Example2 = 890377101 = year= 2009, month = 03 (March) result = March 2009

Cust Ed and Install identification calls covered only 1 time in first year Minor cosmetic damage covered for 30 days for Bosch, and 60 days for Thermador aqnd Gaggenau

Parts Lookup, Tech manuals, Owners manuals & Videos
Username: 05650
Password: best1295

1 year part warranty for COD part

Contact Numbers

Tech Line
800-444-9091 code:05650

BSC Customer Service

Cust Srvc for Cust

Bart Stock Srvc Rep)

Dave Hyde(Local Sales Rep)
Office 303-307-4484
Cell# 303-570-2899

Lisa Bieker(Local Sales Rep)
Cell# 303-475-4598

Bosch/Thermador/Gaggenau Dishwasher power cord rework:   10/01/15
Auth covers parts and labor.   Customer will not be required to pay the MSV.
Cust must call 888-965-5813 to validate if their d/w is affected.  Certain models of Dishwashers manufactured in the years of 2008 thru 2013 are affected.
Part must be ordered thru a special website before servicing.
If cord shows overheating/damage to the control, tech must call the same number and a new auth will be issued and a control will be sent to us to be replaced.  Tech will be paid the full rate again for the return visit.

Bosch/Thermador/Gaggenau Dishwasher spring/hinge rework:  Auth # S4R7HX     06/01/2014
Symptom: cable on spring assy breaks.  Auth # S4R7HX covers parts and labor,  cust only responsible for MSV $89.95.     If hinges are bent, they will cover the hinges also.

Serial # range 9208 THRU 9310  (Aug 2012 thru Oct 2013)
Affects specific models starting with SHV, DWHD, DF.   Call in with model to check.

Bosch Dishwasher Control Rework:
1-800-856-9226 if you need auth or if trouble with auth given
Affected model/serial chart

Order re-work parts on website

Thermador Oven Insulation Rework

1-800-701-5230 if you need an auth
Affected model/serial chart

Order re-work parts on website