Best Service Company Agency # S41016

If a customer needs warranty service, either the customer, the dealer, or BSC has to contact Dacor’s DDS dept with model & serial first to obtain authorization #. Dacor will send obvious parts prior to service. Any warranty parts needed will be sent from Dacor at no charge to us. 1-800-793-0093 x 3814

How to Read Manuf Date:   1st  2 numbers of serial represent manuf year, the next two represent the week.

Request Warranty Authorization and Order Warranty Parts

Parts Lookup & tech info
login name: S41016-1
password: bsc!1295

Serial # Decoder

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1-year warranty on COD part

Contact Numbers

Tech Line

Cust Service

Parts Dept
1-800-793-0093 *3814

Michelle Dolney(Service Rep)
626-320-9941 (cell)