Lowes’ Service Contracts


10/1/2010 We honor the Lowes Service Contract.

We are paid a flat rate of $121.00 for a standard jobs.  They will pay extra for certain long/difficult jobs but we must get an auth for the double rate before performing the service.

**Sealed system $260.00
**Add 25% to our cost of parts.

If repair exceeds $335.00 without tax, and if you have the part with you to complete repair, call Lowes Servicer Assistance @ 866-284-9158 for auth before repair.   ***If you do not have the part with you, SDmail Aaron and he will email for the auth.    In this case even if the part is in town, do not reschedule the call from the home until we get the authorization.  Be sure to check-off both boxes to put part order in pending status.   Once the auth is received the office will contact the customer to schedule the return visit.

2nd appliance at same time $74.75

Store repair $80.00

They pay $45.00 extra for the following remote cities 80118 Larkspur, 80107 Elizabeth, 80421 Bailey, 80470 Pine, 80135

​If you need to refer the customer to Lowes, direct them to call the Consumer Assistance at 888-775-6937.