Ordered Parts ETA’s

**This guide is for parts that are being ordered/shipped from Marcone:**

(Parts that do not come from Marcone are: Marvel Warr, Broan Warr, all Dacor, Blue Star, Perlick, Vent-A-Hood, Zephyr)

Always count tomorrow as the 1st day.  Don’t include Saturday or Sunday.

If urgent, CALL BSC parts department to discuss options (1st Source, Overnight Shipping, etc).

BSC parts #303-282-4600 or #303-733-5000 ext 420


Schedule for the:

Before 3:00 if @ Lenexa

3rd day

After 3:00 if @ Lenexa

4th day

Before 12 if @ Surplus Whse
(WPL-Plainfield or FRIG-Ashville)

4th day

After 12 if @ Surplus Whse
(WPL-Plainfield or FRIG-Ashville)

5th day

Part NOT available at either Lenexa or Surplus Warehouse, but is avail at other Marcone whse (i.e. Fresno, Dallas, etc)

7th day

Part NOT available at any whse

Part is on FBO, call parts dept. to check for availability

If Bosch part not avail at any Marcone warehouse, we will order from Bosch factory which is 8th day.

Most all brands follow BlueBook timetable.