AIG Contracts (Whirlpool)


Effective 01/01/2017 Whirlpool is now selling AIG Contracts instead of Assurant Group
We only honor the contracts that are dispatched from ServiceBench.  We do not honor the contracts dispatched by ServicePower

AIG – ServiceBench

BSC account # 156685
Flat Rate $125.35
Sealed System $276.00
​Part Price = our cost

  • Call 888-678-8808 option 6 from the home if part is needed and you have the part with you and our cost on part exceeds $300
  • If you do not have the part to complete the job and our cost on part exceeds $250, SDMail Aaron or Danny and he will call for auth.

We are required to warranty our labor for 90 days.

​A poor installation which will cause additional work and time is at the expense of the customer. Example, a refer on a platform.  A washer in a drain pan and can’t do the repair without removing it from the drain pan., etc.

RECALLS: If we receive a dispatch from them for which we have completed service within 90 days previously, in addition to indicating “Recall, date and orig Tech”,  the calltaker will check the original invoice to determine if any parts were charged out.  If so, the calltaker needs to subtract the amount charged out from $350 (the originally authorized amount) and put that amount difference on a sticky note indicating additional auth needed if amount exceeded.

For example:
“Additional auth needed if part cost exceeds $62.51 or if unrelated and labor applies”.

This will alert the tech to either contact Danny or Aaron to email for additional auth, (or if tech has part in hand he would need to call himself from the home before completing job).