Maytag, KitchenAid, JennAir, Amana, Admiral, Alaska, Dynasty, Estate, Inglis, Kirkland, Magic Chef, Roper, Duet, Neptune, Gemini, Cabrio

Other names currently not used: Caloric, Gaffers&Sattler, Glenwood, Hardwick, ModernMaid, Norge, Sunray

Best Service Company Agency # 41209
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Login = ShelJame2
Password = Shel1285

​​Standard Warranty Beginning 01/01/06: 1 year parts & labor
KitchenAid & JennAir have some longer warranties
JennAir units purchased after 4/1/15 have standard 2 year warr

​We service Whirlpool commercial laundry in and out of warranty with the exception of Whirlpool models that have 63 in them.
We service no MAYTAG commercial laundry models.

NFC written on a model tag means “Not First Class” which indicates the unit was sold out of the box and has only a functional warranty

Effective 7/15/2013 Consumer may call the following number to request warr service or can access the listed website to get authorization for warranty service: (The cust can also call us directly)

JennAir: 1-800-536-6247 www.jennair.com
Kitchen Aid: 1-800-422-1230 www.kitchenaid.com
Maytag: 1-800-344-1274 www.maytag.com
Whirlpool: 1-800-253-1301 www.whirlpool.com
Amana: 1-800-843-0304 www.amana.com
All other brands: 1-800-253-1301 (Admiral, MagicChef, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Gladiator, Kirkland)

Service Rep Alysa Davidson 269-308-0852
Tech Line 800-785-8895 *1   (Agency # 41209)
Smart Appliance (WiFi) Tech Line 866-333-4591
Partner Team 800-785-8895 *2
Safety Team 866-550-5136
Cust Srvc for Cust 800-253-1301
JennAir  1-800-JENNAIR  (800-536-6247)
qualift Hotline 877-258-0808
Spanish to English Translator 800-874-9426
6 digit code: ​708012

log in name: 9910108
password: bsc1295

Appliance Parts Depot

1st Source Servall
log in name: tomhankins@bscappliancerepair.com
password: bscappl

Whirlpool warranties COD parts for 1 year.

Ice Build-Up in Bottom of Freezer – (SP W10632338 & SP W11397260)
Auth #: S328211, S38230, S38271, S38253

K.A., J.A., Maytag, & Wpl DW upper rack rail separating
S22916 covers P&L to replace upper rails on select models
see SP W11296667 for list of models covered, serial range F001-F823

K.A., J.A. Bella Refrigerator Evaporator Clogged With Ice
S27311 pays for replacement control board with new software and evap cover (pays double rate to defrost evap) Refer to SP W11329116 for affected units

Wpl French Door Refrigerator compartment Frost Clog
S15330 pays for replacement control board with new software and evap cover (pays double rate to defrost evap) Refer to SP W11376817 for affected units

K.A., J.A., Maytag, & Wpl french door refrigerators: frost build-up on evaps
S16360 covers labor only, no parts involved
SP W11092686D for list of models, serial range K212 to K711

Wpl, K.A., & J.A. DW manufactured 1999 thru 2006 with boards that overheat REPAIR AFTER 2/1/2016
S15424 covers parts & labor plus customer can contact Wpl for a $100 refund or get 30% off a new d/w by dialing 877-559-2515 or
visiting website www.dishwashersettlement.com   If cust chooses not to go forward with repair we can bill Wpl for the diagnosis.  Do not collect any money from the customer for these models.  Explanation Document and Part #’s

J.A. DW made by Bosch  Power cord recall.  Auth #R11253
Covers P&L.  P# W11188410 for cord.  See bulletin W11190113 for model and serial range (27th week of 2004 thru 5th week 2005). If power module needs replaced too (p# WPW10736555), submit 2nd claim using S15453 for part only claim.

JennAir oven rack reworks R251BD   parts and labor covered Sept 2015
S225AP- JennAir is offering additional 1 year warranty on units that had the rack rework done, beginning with date rework was performed on, but do not offer to cust, only if cust goes through Whirlpool

S71233 FrenchDoor BottomMount refers with Dual Evaporators
no ice/warm temps, Service Pointer W10666205 March 2014
29 cubic ft evaporator P# W10917531
covers parts and labor to include evap, compr, drier, and anything else tech line says to replace. Cust pays MSV.  Serial range K217 – K335

S21614 – K.A. DW rework on the link kits by door hinges, if dispatched to us, covers everything to replace link kit P# 8194001

S23010  K.A. DW rack adjusters covers parts & labor.  cust pays MSV.  ser F040 thru F430 p# W10712394 & W10712395

S81231 FrenchDoor BottomMount double fill: covers parts and labor to install facia heater kit gasket kit, adapter, and control boards.  Cust pays MSV

Dec 2011 Whirlpool/Maytag frontload washer bearing noise:
If manuf between 1/01/07 & 6/30/2011, Wpl will provide tubs at no charge. Cust pays all msv/labor costs.
Call 1-800-387-1086 with info and tubs will be shipped direct to customer. No rework # since parts sent n/c.

March 2009 Maytag/JennAir Refrigerator overload:
Rework #: R22553
Call 1-877-329-3304
P# W10247581 (overload kit)

Maytag Dishwasher motor harness:
Rework #: R34353
(Additional problems R34361)
Call 1-866-483-0032

Nov 2008 KitchenAid/Wpl Icemaker valve
Service #: S331AM
Call 1-888-664-5306
Part sent directly to customer

Cabrio Washer F51/F1 error code:
Service #: S153AC (auth for PARTS ONLY good for both/either RPS Sensor & Main Control)
Effective Jan 1 2014 this rework will expire.

June 2010:
Maytag, Jenn, Amana, Adm, Crosley, MChef Dishwasher Element rework manuf 2/06 thru 4/10
Service # R173BV
kit p# W1327037 ​

The Following Reworks are Model Specific:

R251BD JennAir rack rework kit  P&L
S25149  JennAir oven F8, E1 to reflash controlle software with dongle  P&L
S61361  S Code for giving parts auth to customer’s for units under 5yrs old (with BSC office permission)
S21614 parts auth for broken dishwasher door cables
S81231 FrenchDoor refer fqascia heater, gasket, adaptor, double fill issue (HV board and UI) parts and labor
S25453 Maytag d/w user interface failure with corroded ribbon connector, parts only
S38253 freezing drain tube P# W10619951
S71233 evap replacement (& any other additional SS parts), P&L, specific models with ser# K217 thru K335
R31606 KA & Jenn Air DW outlet hose clamps
R14165 Wpl dw replace motor/pump assy 8194160
R17365 Wpl dw element & tub fire hazard
R173BV Wpl dw heating element
R16981 Neptune a/w GFI kit
S16122 KA&WPL ovens tripping TOD ..blower and TOD kit
R11165/R11138 Wpl m/w &oven combo melted wiring harness
R254BV Maytag dw discolored console
R21337 Neptune washer vibration issue .. replace control bd
R14331 KA builit-in Ref..evap fan mtr kit #4389162
R17324 Wpl Freezer replace heater