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Our tech will come to your home and diagnose the appliance. Once he has completed the diagnostics he will refer to the “National Appliance Flat Rate Service Book” which is based on the national average time it takes to repair your problem. ​ You will be given an exact quote which will include all costs associated with getting the tech to your home and will include all labor, parts and tax. If you choose not to repair the appliance, you will only be charged the Minimum Service Visit for your area..

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Even though all of our technicians do quality work, they work at different speeds and we want everyone to pay the same rate for the same job. If the job is more difficult and takes longer than average, you are protected because the job will still remain charged at the average rate. We warranty the specific job we’ve performed for 1 year. If you choose not to repair the appliance, you will only be charged the Minimum Service Visit for your area.

For additional appliances serviced in the same home at the same time, the diagnosis charge for the additional appliance(s) will be charged at a discounted rate.

When scheduling your appointment, you will receive an email the afternoon before your service date giving you a 2-hour time window for which the technician is scheduled to arrive. If you would like the technician to call you to meet, or any other scheduling information we should know, you may put it in the “Added Notes/Special Instructions” box.


​​If you are scheduling a WARRANTY service visit, you MUST provide the model number, serial number, date of purchase, and the source from which you purchased the appliance, so please obtain that information before scheduling. If this is not a warranty repair, we still ask that you please provide the model and serial number because you will greatly improve the chance of our success in repairing your appliance on the first visit. Without these numbers, we cannot pre-diagnose and bring common parts for your appliance, which will then most likely lead to a second visit. If you have an emergency, please call us at (720) 575-5286 right away!

Model & Serial Tag Locations: ​Download here to get a list of model tag location suggestions.

*Please be aware that we do not service GE, Samsung, or LG appliances at this time.