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Here’s a Quick Way to Fix a Bosch Dryer Not Heating

Today’s home laundry appliances are more dependable than ever before. Even high-end dryer models from brands like Bosch can develop performance issues over time though. The good news is that a Bosch dryer not heating can most likely be repaired without the help of a professional. You should act quickly though because some heating issues can lead to major breakdowns and even dangerous dryer fires if left unchecked.

Why Is My Bosch Dryer Not Heating?

It can come as a surprise to find a pile of clothes still wet after running a dryer cycle. Whether your dryer takes too long or won’t heat up at all though, our Bosch tumble dryer troubleshooting guide will show you how to repair and prevent some of the most common causes.

Dryer Is Overloaded

Modern dryers offer large capacity, but even they have limits. Squeezing items into every last bit of space inside your dryer can create all sorts of issues. One of the biggest is that there’s not enough room left in the dryer drum for hot air to build up and circulate throughout the load.

Not only can overstuffing lead to a dryer taking multiple cycles to dry, but it can damage other components as well. Too much weight puts a strain on the drum bearing and other parts, potentially leading to a breakdown. Refer to your model’s use & care guide to find your dryer’s capacity limit.

bosch dryer not heating

Lint Screen Is Dirty

As mentioned above, unrestricted airflow is the key to dryer efficiency. This also includes the lint screen and dryer exhaust system. Any buildup of debris on the lint filter may explain your Bosch dryer not heating properly.

Manufacturers recommend that you remove the lint screen and wipe away the trapped material after every load. Simply pull out the filter, hold it over a trash can, and use a paper towel (or even your hand) to wipe away the lint. Reinstall your lint screen and test your dryer again to see if it’s working more efficiently.

Dryer Vents Are Clogged

Cleaning the screen frequently helps to reduce how much lint enters your dryer vents, but some will still make it through. This debris builds up throughout the exhaust vents over time, restricting airflow and leading to dangerously-high temperatures inside.

If left unchecked, this buildup of lint can ignite and create a dryer fire. Your best bet is to perform a dryer vent cleaning at least once or twice per year to maintain performance and prevent fires. Try purchasing a dryer vent cleaning kit online to use along with your vacuum cleaner’s hose extension to remove as much lint from your vents as possible. We recommend that you hire a local dryer vent cleaning service for the best results though.

bosch dryer not drying completely

Blown Thermal Fuse

Nearly all modern clothes dryers use a safety mechanism known as a thermal fuse. This part is designed to fail when the unit gets too hot inside to prevent fires and other functional issues. Once the fuse pops, the dryer either won’t heat up anymore, or won’t turn on at all.

To test the thermal fuse, you’ll need an electrical multimeter. Locate the part inside the dryer cabinet and use the multimeter to test the leads for continuity. If none is found, you’ll need to replace the part. Beware though, a blown fuse is usually a sign of restricted airflow, so be sure to follow the steps above as well for safety.

Heating Element Failure

If you’re still dealing with a Bosch dryer not drying completely after following these steps, chances are that you have a faulty heater on your hands. This part is what heats up the air inside your dryer, but they can wear out and fail over time.

For high-end dryer models from brands like Bosch, we recommend that you leave any further troubleshooting or repairs to the professionals. The last thing you need is to make the problem worse, so call the local dryer repair service experts at Best Service Company. We have the skill and experience needed to get your dryer back to running like new in no time!

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