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how to fix leaking fisher and paykel washing machine

5 Troubleshooting Tips for a Fisher Paykel Washer Leaking Water

Pinpointing the source of washer leaks takes on extra urgency when battling puddles of water. Why is my Fisher Paykel washing machine leaking? Using too much detergent can cause clogs that lead to leaks. Always use HE detergent with front loading washers, adding the lowest recommended amount. Troubleshoot common reasons for a Fisher Paykel washer leaking water to locate and stop leaks at the source.

Why is My Fisher Paykel Washer Leaking Water?

While washer leaks may be caused by a malfunction, they can often be fixed with a simple adjustment. These tips determine if a DIY fix or professional repair will fix a leaking Fisher and Paykel washing machine.

Washer Is Not Level

An unlevel washer is one of the most common causes for a Fisher Paykel washing machine dripping water. The washer needs to be resting on a level surface for it to operate with as little movement as possible. Excessive movement while the washer is in use can cause leaks.

To determine if your washer is level, place a carpenter’s level on top of the machine. If the washer is not level, its legs can be adjusted to prevent leaks. Refer to your user manual to determine how to adjust the legs on your model washer. Most can be twisted to the left or right to raise or lower the legs as needed.

fisher paykel washer leaking water
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Leaks From Oversudsing

If your washer isn’t draining properly and causing leaks, you may be using too much detergent. Excessive detergent leaves behind suds that can clog hoses and tubes, resulting in leaks and draining problems. Oversudsing easily occurs in homes with soft water or water softening systems, as less detergent is needed with soft water.

How do you know if oversudsing is responsible for a Fisher Paykel washer leaking water? Before drying, dip a small, freshly washed item in a bowl of hot water. If suds appear in the water, you’re using too much detergent. 

Follow these tips to avoid oversudsing:

  • Refer to your washer user manual or detergent package for the correct detergent measurements.
  • Always use the lowest recommended amount of detergent.
  • If you have a front load washer, always use HE detergent to avoid oversudsing.
  • When oversudsing occurs, use these washer cleaning tips to clean the washer drum and eliminate soapy residue.

Leaky Drain Hose

Fisher and Paykel washing machine problems like leaks and draining issues can also be caused by a leaky drain hose. Make sure the hose connections at the washer and standpipe or wash tub are correct and secure. Examine the hose for damage like holes or tears that can cause leaking. A damaged drain hose requires replacement.

fisher paykel washing machine dripping water

Water Inlet Leak

Water inlet problems can result in a Fisher Paykel washer leaking water if there is hose damage or a faulty water inlet valve. Inspect the water inlet hose for holes are tears that can cause leaks and replace the hose if it’s damaged.

A washer’s water inlet valve opens and closes to allow water to enter and drain from the machine. If the valve is faulty and remains closed, water won’t be able to drain from the washer, causing overflows and leaks. As the water inlet valve opens and closes electronically, multimeter testing can confirm if the valve is faulty. If testing shows a lack of continuity, the water inlet valve must be professionally replaced.

Damaged Washer Door Seal

In front load washers, a damaged door seal is a common source of leaks. This rubber gasket provides a tight seal when the door is closed, preventing water from leaking while the machine is in use. However, a damaged gasket won’t provide a watertight seal and front door leaks can occur.

Inspect the door seal for signs of damage. If rips, tears, or holes are visible, the seal should be professionally replaced. We also recommend that you use a clean cloth to wipe down the inside of you washer door seal after each load. This helps to prevent leaks from moisture buildup and also reduces odors from mildew growth.

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