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How to Organize a French Door Refrigerator

One of the advantages of French door refrigerators is their large amount of storage compared to other refrigerator designs. However, this larger space requires consistent organizing to keep it from turning into a big mess. From additional storage options to keeping the fridge door tidy, we’ll share our best tips for how to organize a French door refrigerator.

Simple Tips and Tricks for How to Organize a French Door Refrigerator

There can be a fine line between a well-stocked fridge and overflowing clutter. These ideas for how to organize a French door refrigerator will make the most of your fridge’s space with some unique storage tips. But first, like so many organization projects, how to manage refrigerator storage begins with a good cleaning.

Start By Cleaning Your Refrigerator

To thoroughly clean your refrigerator all food should be removed to better access every shelf and drawer. This can also be a good time to throw away expired or rotten items. A French door refrigerator not only has interior shelves and drawers but door shelving as well. Most of these can be removed for easy cleaning with the following steps:

  • Remove shelving and drawers and hand wash with warm, soapy water and a clean sponge or cloth
  • Use a solution of vinegar and water to wipe down the refrigerator’s interior
  • Mix together 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quart of hot water to scrub away stubborn stains
  • Replace drawers and shelving once they are completely dry

how to organize a french door refrigerator

Use Refrigerator Shelf Liners

While your refrigerator is empty, take the opportunity to install shelf liners. One of the easiest refrigerator organization hacks, shelf liners protect your refrigerator shelving from stains and can easily be removed to wipe clean.

Take Advantage of Adjustable Shelving

Knowing how to organize a French door refrigerator involves taking advantage of one of its best features: adjustable shelving. Both the interior and doors have shelves that can be raised or lowered to accommodate your needs. Create space for taller items by increasing the height of some shelves. Lower others to better secure smaller containers and condiments.

how to manage refrigerator storage
Image from LG

Utilize Storage Bins and Dividers

The increased space of a French door refrigerator can sometimes prove too large for neatly storing of multiple items. One of our easiest refrigerator storage ideas creates smaller spaces within large ones with the use of bins and dividers:

  • Place bins or baskets on refrigerator shelves to provide easy access and neater storage for individual portions or prepared produce.
  • Compartmentalize crisper drawers with refrigerator storage containers for vegetables and fruits.
  • Use plastic dividers to organize larger spaces like the freezer or deli drawer
  • Label bins and shelves with magnetic labels, colored grease pencil or washable marker so their contents are clear.

Refrigerator Door Storage Tips

Though refrigerator doors provide multiple storage opportunities, they’re also the warmest parts of the refrigerator. This makes them less ideal for storing items that spoil easily, like milk or raw meat. For all other items follow these tips to make the best use of refrigerator door storage:

  • Use an egg carton to secure condiments. By placing bottles and containers upside down, an egg carton’s compartments can safely hold each item and keep its contents easily dispensable.
  • Keep kids’ drinks on the doors’ bottom shelves for easy accessibility.
  • Use the door’s covered shelves for cheeses. This can free up space in the deli drawer and provide them with a slightly warmer, more optimal storage temperature.
refrigerator storage ideas
Image from CNET

Try a Refrigerator Lazy Susan

What about all those hard-to-reach items in the back of the refrigerator? One of our easiest tips for how to organize a French door refrigerator arranges them with the use of a Lazy Susan. This can create easier access and greater visibility, leading to less food waste.

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