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gas vs electric dryers pros and cons

Maytag Gas vs Electric Dryer Pros and Cons: Which Is Best?

The stress that accompanies appliance shopping is on par with choosing a house or a pet. It’s a financial and time commitment that can pave the next 10-15 years of your life. As with most tough decisions, weighing two options is often more bristling than if it were a pool of five or ten choices. After a time-consuming shopping process, you’ve narrowed your clothes dryer brand selection down to the almighty, reliable Maytag name. Now comes the next step: a toe-to-toe Maytag gas vs electric dryer showdown.

How to Choose Between a Maytag
Gas vs Electric Dryer

In one corner of the ring stands the gas dryer – a savvy, revolutionary young buck with a higher purchase price and lower cost of operation. In the other corner, the electric dryer – a hulking, all-American classic that’s lighter on upfront cost, heavier on the energy bill. Both are headstrong competitors, but different in their overall strategy. Let us make your decision easier as you toss around which clothes dryer to buy. As we explore gas vs electric dryers pros and cons, remember that you’re not deciding which is best, but which is best for you.

How Do They Dry Clothes?

The first thing we’ll examine in our dryer duke-out is their drying game plans. Electric dryers generate heat from an electric element that receives electricity from a 240-volt outlet. This element heats up and provides the warmth needed to dry your clothes in an effective manner.

Gas dryers, on the other hand, create heat from gas burners fueled by a natural gas or propane connection. Like the electric models, the igniter for the burners as well as the wash drum, fan, lights, and control panel are all powered by electricity. A gas dryer also demands a standard electrical outlet in addition to a gas connection. Regardless of their drying process, both dry clothes effectively without a clear distinction in dryer noise.

Maytag gas vs electric dryer
Image Courtesy of Maytag

Which Model Dries Clothes Faster?

When debating between a Maytag gas vs electric dryer, it’s important to analyze your particular situation and need. Some things to consider before picking a side might include:

  • Do I have a large family, or am I a solo or newlywed dweller?
  • Do I have the financial means now, or will I accumulate along the road?
  • Am I a planted homeowner or am I a transient renter?

In regards to dryer time, the gas dryers uppercut the electric models. Gas dryers produce heat faster, meaning they have shorter drying times. Because they dry clothes quicker, your clothes also experience less wear and tear, providing them a longer life span.

Which Dryer is More Efficient?

In the battle over a Maytag gas v. electric dryer, the energy factor is a major component. Nearly every competitive prizefighter aims to make their parents proud, and our competitors are no exception when it comes to Mother Earth. Because gas models take less time to dry your clothes, they don’t use as much energy as electric dryers. This is also why utility bills are usually lower with gas models.

However, a three-person family may not use their electric model as much and thereby balance out a gas dryer’s exhausted energy. Though today’s gas and electric dryers are crafted to maximize efficiency, gas dryers overall are labeled more energy efficient.

What’s the Best Dryer for a Large Family?

As mentioned, when asking yourself, “What type of dryer should I buy?” your family situation should supplant most deciding factors. An electric dryer’s perks of a smaller upfront cost might better benefit families with two or three members who commit to one or two wash loads per week. A smaller family is also less likely to be hunched under the weight of an electric dryer’s increased long-term utility costs.

do I need a gas or electric dryer

Conversely, a larger family that performs daily wash cycles would reap the benefits of a gas model. Though it happens all the time, a multi-member family might be less mobile and can substantiate a gas dryer investment.

Which Dryer Provides the Best Value?

The game of “best deal for your dollar” when choosing a Maytag gas vs electric dryer can be a dead-even draw given the many influencing factors.

Gas Dryer:

  • Higher upfront cost
  • Higher repair cost
  • Less expensive long-term cost

Electric Dryer:

  • Lower upfront cost
  • Lower repair cost
  • More expensive long-term

Do I need a gas or electric dryer? Only you can answer that. Both put up a good fight to meet your drying needs and both might require dryer repair service from the occasional defect regardless of cost or reputability. Whether you need appliance repair or further information on your dryer selection, Best Service Company Appliance Repair is there to help.

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