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Why Is My Maytag Ice Maker Not Working?

Nothing beats the convenience of having fresh ice on-demand. Unfortunately, even top refrigerator brands like Maytag can develop issues that prevent ice from being produced or dispensed. So what do you do when faced with a Maytag ice maker not working properly? Just follow these steps to get it back to work fast.

How to Fix a Maytag Ice Maker Not Working

It might seem like your ice maker is broken if your refrigerator stops dispensing, but that’s not always the case. If your Maytag ice maker won’t make ice, try these simple solutions before calling for professional service.

Ice Maker Not Turned On

Don’t be embarrassed if you didn’t realize that your ice maker has an on/off switch. You’re not alone! If the power to the ice maker module is turned off or disconnected, it won’t be able to produce ice.

Some models use a Maytag ice maker on off switch, while others use a metal arm to control power. Make sure that the switch is on, or that that metal arm is in the downward position. Also, check and make sure that the ice maker module is securely plugged into the refrigerator itself.

maytag refrigerator ice maker not dispensing

Water Filter Needs to Be Replaced

The water for your ice maker and dispenser first runs through a water filter to be purified. Refrigerator water filters can become clogged though if it’s bee too long since your last replacement. This can result in slow ice production, bad-smelling or tasting ice, or even stop ice from being made altogether.

Luckily, learning how to replace a Maytag water filter is fast and easy. Just locate the filter housing and twist the old filter until it comes loose to remove it. Be sure to replace it with the proper filter for your model every six months.

Temperature Not Low Enough

Another possible cause for a Maytag ice maker not working is that the freezer temperature isn’t set properly. Make sure that the temperature inside the freezer compartment is set somewhere between 0°F – 5°F.

If the freezer temperature is set correctly but is still not getting cold enough, you may have dirty condenser coils. Try cleaning them with an appliance brush to improve cooling efficiency.

maytag ice maker won't make ice

Ice Maker Jammed with Ice

Ice production isn’t always the issue for a Maytag ice maker not working properly. In some cases, ice could be jammed inside the dispenser chute, bucket, or ice maker itself.

Inspect these components for jams or frozen-together clumps of ice that are preventing cubes from being ejected. If you discover a jam, use a plastic utensil to break up and remove the ice to prevent damage to the system.

Water Supply Line Issues

You should also check for problems relating to the water line connected to the back of your refrigerator. Check that it’s securely connected to the inlet valve and that the tube is not bent or twisted.

In some cases, the supply line itself may also become frozen. If this is the case turn off your refrigerator and remove the water line. Use a hair dryer to thaw the ice, and reinstall it once the line is cleared.

If you’ve followed these steps but still have a Maytag ice maker not working correctly, you may have a broken ice maker module. We recommend that you call the service professionals at Best Service Company for the area’s fastest, most affordable ice maker repair.

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