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Safety & Health Protocols Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Best Service Company takes the safety of our customers and employees seriously while we fulfill the important role in the community of providing safe and effective in-home appliance service. As an “Essential Business” we will continue to schedule and repair appliances during this COVID-19 event and have implemented additional procedures to limit initial exposure to the virus and further contamination to others.

Upon our arrival our technicians will introduce themselves at the door, but we have instructed them not to shake hands or pass along their business card to you. We will be wearing a face masks and safety glasses as urged by the Governor of Colorado. We will have disinfected our shoe covers upon leaving our last stop and we may be wearing disposable gloves. If not wearing disposable gloves, with your permission we would like to wash our hands in your sink before working on or touching any of your appliances and would like to wash our hands again upon completion of our service effort. We will be wiping down our work area with a diluted but effective bleach solution. If you find a minor bleach odor to be offensive and prefer us to use your disinfecting product, please let our technician know when he arrives.

We will be emailing your service visit receipt. We accept all major credit cards but will no longer be accepting checks or cash for payment until further notice to prevent the possible transfer of the virus. We will ask the consumer to read off the credit card information to our tech.

We are requiring our employees to stay home if they are ill, and ask our customers to please reschedule their service if they are experiencing symptoms on our service appointment day.

We are closely monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization and will consider adjusting our policies as needed.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide service in your home and we thank you for your patience and loyalty. We remain dedicated to providing you the absolute Best Service possible! We will all get through this crisis by working together. Thank you.

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Get monthly maintenance tips, home hacks, seasonal recipes, appliance recall alerts, and $10 Off your repair today!