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When you’re on the hunt for the best Amana appliance repair Denver has to offer, look no further than Best Service Company. We are backed by decades of training and experience. Our qualified team of local technicians work on problems large and small.

Need reliable Amana refrigerator repair? Our team has the tools to fix it fast. Looking for dependable Amana dryer repair? We can handle it!

Call or click to schedule service today. We keep our service vehicles stocked with all the most commonly-failed parts. This means we can often provide Amana appliance repair in Denver in as little as one visit.

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Amana appliance repair denver troubleshooting tips

When your Amana washer won’t start or your oven isn’t heating properly, we’re always here to help. Sometimes it helps to troubleshoot the problem yourself.

Below you’ll find a few of the most frequently asked questions our Amana appliance repair Denver team receives from customers. If you’d rather let the pros handle it, you know who to call!

Why is my amana refrigerator loud?

When you notice that your Amana refrigerator makes strange noises, there are a few different possible causes.

Buzzing, chattering, or clicking may be due to issues with the ice maker. Make sure the water line is connected and not kinked or obstructed.

If your refrigerator seems to be running constantly, it may be time to clean the refrigerator condenser coils. Use a vacuum hose and an appliance cleaning brush to remove dust, hair, and other debris from the coils.

Why does my amana dryer take so long to dry?

If your Amana dryer takes more than one cycle to dry clothes, it may be due to a dirty lint filter or a clogged dryer vent.

Build up of lint and other debris restricts air flow which causes your dryer to take longer to dry.

Make sure to remove lint from your lint trap after each use, and clean your dryer vents every six to twelve months. If this doesn’t fix the problem, call in the Amana appliance repair Denver experts!

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